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 BizStarts Milwaukee works with entrepreneurs, service providers, capital connections and other resources to help launch and grow new companies. From small stores to large, scalable start-ups, BizStarts can provide the coaching and connections that help smooth the path from idea to investment. To get started, call us at (414) 973-2334 or click on the “Begin BizStarts” button above.

Upcoming Professional Programs

April 22 – Your Business Sales Strategy
High value consultative selling skills are critical to the success of every new business venture.  Entrepreneurs have excellent product and domain skills, but generally lack the most fundamental and necessary sales skills.  This hands on workshop will highlight competitive differentiation and value proposition development to help define your unique sales strategy. The ability of an entrepreneur to succinctly articulate their value proposition will create a probing technique that will lead customers to discover the unique benefits of the entrepreneur’s product or service.

May 7th – IP Business Basics 101LES
This new, one-day, deal-centric course has been designed by experienced LES executives for business and licensing (newer to the field) professionals in USA & Canada.  Whether it is a trademark, international brand, copyright, patent, knowhow, trade secrets or a combination of some/all of these, recent transactions and auctions have confirmed the value of IP in business.  This course is interactive and built around real-world examples and small group hands-on exercises.

This Week’s Important Read

3 Things to Think About Before You Start Your Business

Dan Steininger, President of BizStarts

So you’ve decided you want to be an entrepreneur and you’re ready to launch your dream.

It sure beats “working for the man!”

Well, more power to you and there is no better time in the history of mankind to be starting a business. We all live in an age where everything is possible because of the Internet and tools that never existed before. BizStarts is a nonprofit organization established to help you, so check out our website and register online- our services are no cost to you.

According to the Wisconsin Department of Economic Development there are almost 40,000 new businesses started in Wisconsin every year. Nationally, the statistics indicate that the majority of those businesses will fail in the first three to five years.

So here are a few things you need to think about that will help you do a self-assessment before you leap.

Click here to read find out what they are.

BizStarts in the News

The recent opening of BizStarts’ BizForge generated good buzz in the business community. Check out these recent media clips, and sign up for our monthly newsletter, The Catalyst, to stay up to date on our programs, events and news. 

Jacquin Davidson returns to help grow companies with BizStarts – Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (February 17, 2015)

BizStarts unveils new offices at Schlitz Park - Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (April 2, 2014)

A recipe for job creation - Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Dan Steininger editorial (April 4, 2014)

Sneak peek: BizStarts’ BizForge entrepreneurial hub launches: Slideshow - Milwaukee Business Journal (April 3, 2014)

BizStarts was also recently featured several times recently as part of the larger conversation on the critical need to reverse brain drain and support job creation.

Sustaining the state’s startups – Kenosha News, Tom Still editorial (April 7, 2014)

Entrepreneurs can reverse brain drain – The Startup Economy, John Torinus (April 2014)