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 BizStarts Milwaukee works with entrepreneurs, service providers, capital connections and other resources to help launch and grow new companies. From small stores to large, scalable start-ups, BizStarts can provide the coaching and connections that help smooth the path from idea to investment. To get started, call us at (414) 973-2334 or click on the “Begin BizStarts” button above.

Startups and the New Wisconsin Equity Crowdfunding Laws
by Kate Bechen and Trevor Currie

What is Crowdfunding?
At its core, crowdfunding is simply the practice of funding a project by raising money from a large number of people. In recent years, this practice has become cheaper and easier to utilize through the Internet. There are now three different methods of crowdfunding available: (1) reward-based crowdfunding; (2) equity-based crowdfunding; and (3) credit-based crowdfunding; however, credit-based crowdfunding is not applicable to startups. Traditionally, charitable organizations would use crowdfunding to raise money for a certain cause, but this has changed in recent years. Startup companies now utilize crowdfunding, both reward-based and equity-based, as a way to raise capital and grow their business. Although crowdfunding works very well for some startups, it is crucial to analyze the current and future needs of each company prior to proceeding with any method of raising capital.  

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BizStarts names Jacquin Davidson as Executive Director

The nonprofit organization, which helps entrepreneurs develop their companies, hired Davidson as its entrepreneur director in May. She was previously a successful entrepreneur in southern California, starting and growing a company that provided services for the television commercial production industry and international print media, and later launching a consulting company for nonprofits called Davidson Associates. Davidson also has several years of experience in private banking.

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This Week’s Important Read

The Latest on Crowdfunding

Dan Steininger, President of BizStarts

Of all the advances in wireless devices, battery life hasn’t kept up. Most of the available chargers are clunky, inconvenient or keep you tethered to the power source. But three Northwestern University engineering Ph.D. candidates have a new solution. It’s a palm-sized kinetic charger called Ampy which drew $309,323 in a Kickstarter campaign.  Chief product officer Alex Smith explains they formed as a team in an entrepreneurship class. We were trying to tackle the problem of our phones dying before the end of the day. We’re all reasonably active guys. We said, “Why can’t we use some of this energy that we burn throughout the day and turn that into power for our phones?” We spent the last year and a half developing the technology to make Ampy fit into a compact form while still generating considerable energy. It fits to the contours of your body and can easily be slipped into your pocket or purse.  The more you  move, the more power you’re going to get. You can store up to 1,000 milliamp hours.  Read the full article here

Thank you for celebrating with BizStarts as we honored Barry Mandel


In November of 1991, Mr. Mandel formed Mandel Group Inc. (MGI).  MGI is an integrated real estate services firm with operations in development, construction and property management.

MGI has developed, constructed, financed and acquired over $500 million in residential and retail developments.  Communities developed by MGI have received numerous awards for design excellence.


BizStarts in the News

The recent opening of BizStarts’ BizForge generated good buzz in the business community. Check out these recent media clips, and sign up for our monthly newsletter, The Catalyst, to stay up to date on our programs, events and news. 

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A recipe for job creation - Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Dan Steininger editorial (April 4, 2014)

Sneak peek: BizStarts’ BizForge entrepreneurial hub launches: Slideshow - Milwaukee Business Journal (April 3, 2014)

BizStarts was also recently featured several times recently as part of the larger conversation on the critical need to reverse brain drain and support job creation.

Sustaining the state’s startups – Kenosha News, Tom Still editorial (April 7, 2014)

Entrepreneurs can reverse brain drain – The Startup Economy, John Torinus (April 2014)